The world’s first comprehensive smart building assessment and rating program

Introducing SPIRE, an objective and holistic solution developed by industry experts that empowers you to identify, prioritize and promote smart building performance.

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A single source to measure all smart building technologies

Built by TIA and UL Solutions, SPIRE is the industry’s first smart building program that holistically measures building technology and performance. The SPIRE Self-Assessment online tool can evaluate building intelligence and performance based on an expertly curated, objective, and holistic framework across six major criteria, including power and energy, health and well-being, life and property safety, connectivity, cybersecurity, and sustainability. The SPIRE Verified Assessment and Rating offers a complete smart building evaluation with the opportunity to earn a Smart Building Verified Mark and a plaque to proudly display the Verified Mark.

Coming soon is our benchmarking offering that draws upon anonymized building performance data. Comparisons are available by assessment criteria and building type, giving users a point-of-reference for review and analysis.

Governmental agencies globally are increasing their focus and incentives on green, sustainable, energy-efficient real estate. Use SPIRE to evaluate and enhance the performance of your buildings to help you unlock potential benefits such as grants and rebates.

A smart building solution to measure value or performance of building assets

Until now, smart building solutions that are available in the marketplace provide a fragmented experience when it comes to measuring value or performance. SPIRE is a comprehensive solution to gain holistic insights during any stage of your building lifecycle and business objectives.


A self-assessment solution to help unlock your building’s potential

See below on why a self-assessment is right for you, plus watch how others have taken advantage of our program.


A complimentary self-assessment tool to gain insights into key performance criteria

The online SPIRE Self-Assessment is the first step towards understanding the performance of your building. It provides high-level ratings and reporting across key performance criteria and prepares you for the verified assessment with an assessor.

Take the Next Step

Demonstrate your smart building capabilities with UL Solutions Verified Assessment and Rating

Fully evaluate building performance via our experienced auditor for an opportunity to earn a Verified Mark that promotes your commitment to smart building technologies.

SPIRE assesses smart buildings holistically

We use six key building elements that define the full scope of smart building performance. By assessing, validating, and rating within this industry-first holistic framework, you can optimize asset performance, ROI and tenant relations – all at once.


Power and Energy


Health and Wellbeing


Life and Property Safety







Energy demand charges and purchases remain one of the largest components of a building’s operating budget. We evaluate criteria in:

• Energy use management and analysis
• Demand response
• Grid interoperability
• Distributed energy resources

With emerging digital health and well-being tools and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, smart buildings must exceed expectations for health and well-being. We evaluate criteria in:

• Indoor air quality
• Thermal management
• Visual human comfort
• Light and noise control
• Potable water quality
• Odor management

Optimizing the safety of building occupants is the top priority for owners and operators. From fire safety to emergency response, building liability starts with preparation. We evaluate criteria in:

• Building emergency plans
• Integrated system performance
• Situational awareness
• Emergency communications

Often dubbed the fourth utility, connectivity has become the most essential utility of a smart building. We evaluate criteria in:

• Media
• Security
• Coverage
• Expansion
• Resilience

Cyberattacks and back-door mechanisms threaten to disrupt critical smart building infrastructure. We measure and provide best practices through:

• Identification
• Protection
• Detection
• Response
• Recovery

A smart building is a sustainable building. We assess performance based on a wide array of existing frameworks and certification programs:

• Green Globes
• Living Building Challenge
• WELL Building Standard
• Fitwel
• International Green Construction Code and CALGreen

Informed by a working group of leading organizations

The SPIRE Smart Building Program powered by TIA and UL Solutions is the result of immense collaboration through a working group that is composed of 60+ leading and iconic brands across the industry. Together, we defined a new gold-standard of assessment criteria aimed at improving smart building performance and occupant experience.

The benefits of an automated building functionality assessment experience

SPIRE Building Data

See a snapshot of your smart building performance

Our online SPIRE Self-Assessment tool is a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to gain valuable building performance insights. By working together with subject matter experts in your organization to input your building’s data, the automated experience is a guide to assessing building functionality. This can provide a roadmap for future improvements to help increase asset values.

SPIRE Building Dashboard

Measure smart building performance against meaningful metrics

The easy-to-read dashboard organizes all assets in a central location and visually displays preliminary scoring across six essential smart building categories. Intuitive filters allow you to focus on detailed views and share select data to appropriate stakeholders.


Discover a competitive edge

In addition to the online Self-Assessment, the SPIRE Smart Building Verified Assessment and Rating offers full on-site and virtual evaluations of building performance. A comprehensive review of your processes and technologies can provide the opportunity to receive a verified rating that can be used to promote the confirmed performance and benefits of your smart building.

SPIRE Spider Metric

Empower informed decisions to help enhance asset value

Our comprehensive framework and assessment criteria set the benchmark for performance. This allows you to gain valuable insights and empower informed decisions to improve or optimize the value of your building assets. We can also help guide roadmap creation to maximize property investment.

Program Details-IndoorEnvironment

Optimize the wellness of indoor environments

The health and well-being of occupants are directly impacted by indoor air quality, air filtration, lighting, water quality and more. Use assessment data to help improve occupant wellness.

Program Details-SmartTech

Assess your smart technology capabilities

We help you evaluate and verify the interoperability, connectivity and cybersecurity among integrated building systems.

Case Studies



See how Corning maximized building performance in their new Optical Communications smart building headquarters.


Utilize a single, comprehensive solution for the building industry.



- Optimize building management
- Lower operating costs
- Increase asset values
- Attract and retain employees


Portfolio managers and real estate investment trusts (REITs)

- Enhance investment decisions
- Maximize ROI
- Improve brand reputation


Real estate developers

- Strengthen tenant relations
- Improve brand reputation
- Gain expert insight

Your building impacts your business

Irrespective of the industry, investment into smart technologies for buildings and facilities can offer both short and long-term benefits.



Smart tech is helping commercial real estate oversee operations more effectively. It now reaches every part of the industry, from investing and purchasing to property management and tenant relations.



Smart building technologies for governmental, municipal and even educational institutions can enhance the user experience, increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate physical and cybersecurity risks.



Smart buildings are pivotal in automation. Effective management of the sensors and connected devices working across multiple systems and processes can enhance productivity and reduce downtime.


Retail and Hospitality

Automated systems can work together to help track supply shipments, manage inventory, speed up customer transactions and even identify areas on the sales floor that guide customer movement.



One of the largest segments in smart technologies, medical facilities can better track assets and supplies, improve patient flows and experiences, transfer more data, lower energy costs and create “self-aware” rooms.


Public Venues

From stadiums to museums and theaters, smart technologies can improve overall operations, lower costs, enhance attendee experiences, lower concession costs, increase security, optimize ticketing and parking.

Frequently asked questions

What is the SPIRE Smart Building Program?

Developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association and UL Solutions, the SPIRE Smart Building Program is the world’s first independent and comprehensive assessment and rating program for smart buildings.

What are the elements of the SPIRE Smart Building Program?

The program consists of two key components: an online Self-Assessment and a Verified Rating.

After I complete the SPIRE Self-Assessment, what do I get?

SPIRE Self-Assessment results provide valuable insights on how a building compares to our expert smart building criteria and framework. This information can be helpful in making investment decisions and show where to focus smart building technology efforts.

Take it a step further to get expert assessment via Verified Assessments. In addition to the assessment score and Verified Mark, you will get recommendations and valuable insights to help you improve your building performance and enhance your rating.

How much effort will the SPIRE Self-Assessment require of my organization?

The self-assessment requires input from various department heads and functional members of your team.  By working together with subject matter experts in your organization to input your building’s data, the automated experience is a guide to assessing overall functionality and provides a roadmap for future improvements.

What is the difference between the SPIRE Self-Assessment and the SPIRE Verified Assessment and Rating?

The SPIRE Self-Assessment is the first step for evaluating a building or space. It allows users to input data online and receive an initial snapshot to gain insights into the current state of their smart building ecosystem. 

The SPIRE Verified Rating entails an in-depth audit and evaluation by UL Solutions auditors and engineers, either on-site or virtual engagements. After evaluations are complete and depending on the results, a UL Verified Mark for smart buildings can be designated and promoted with a program plaque.  A detailed report is provided with valuable insights to further enhance your building performance. 

How can SPIRE help in the current economic environment?

The SPIRE Smart Building Program comes at a time when businesses are rebounding from the pandemic and are making efforts to entice occupants, be it commercial or residential or industrial.   Now is the time to use SPIRE to create differentiation and showcase your building performance.

In addition, a better understanding of operational efficiency, overall costs and risk mitigation of their building portfolios is always a top priority. SPIRE delivers guidance to aid in better aligning performance strategies, planning tactics and operational efficiencies...